Recommendations Page

George and Amanda
Amanda and George Mcpherson:

Dear Rudy,  we are so thrilled that we found you to officiate our wedding. Your calmness and
confidence kept us calm at all times, during all meetings. Even though our ideas were out of the ordinary, you always ensured us that it is our wedding and we could do as we pleased (within the confines of the law of course). Your attentiveness and warmth made us feel like we had known you always, and all this culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony. We are still getting feedback from our loved ones about how fantastic our ceremony was. You made our wedding the dream we had planned, and without you it would definitely not have been the day we dreamed of!! I hope you will be available to us when, one day, we renew our vows!

Love and respect from Amanda and George."

Wendy and Shae
Shae and Wendy Shepherd:

"From the first time we met Rudy, he became part of the family. And who better than family to celebrate such a special day?

As far as practical steps go, Rudy was efficient, supportive and helpful in getting all documents ready. When it came to the actual ceremony he provided plenty of guidance and was willing to add or change anything we wanted.

It was such a special day; we knew that he was blessed to be part of it all, and we felt blessed to have him.

Thanks, Rudy, for your love, friendship and for marrying us."


Lisa and Anthony Segal:

"Rudy, we wanted to thank you for officiating at our wedding ceremony.

Right from the first meeting with you, we knew that our ceremony was going to be special because you were to going to be a part of it. You guided us through the "formal requirements" and gave us valuable insights into all the other aspects of the ceremony, always reminding us that this was our day and we could incorporate into it, what was important to us. Our ceremony was so warm and loving and our guests have continuously commented on how special and personal this was. Your warmth, encouragement and friendliness during the time leading up to our wedding and on the day was wonderful and just added to our perfect wedding day.
Thank you so much!"


James and Jeremy
Jeremy Riley & James Fourie:

"Dear Rudy It is with pleasure that we write about our wedding experience with you!

Our situation was definitely very different from what most couples would experience!
After three years of marriage, we discovered that our marital status at Home Affairs had not been adjusted to reflect our married state. And so it was that we approached Rudy to “remarry” us! His sympathetic and understanding approach towards our predicament was most comforting! His friendly and approachable attitude and his utter professional approach are remarkable. Every detail was attended to and we immediately felt confident that our situation was being remedied correctly! We can heartily recommend Rudy as the Celebrant of choice; his openness to create the wedding of your dreams will make your special day something to be remembered!".

Pauline and David with Rudy
Pauline Foye & David Turner (UK):

"Dear Rudy, thank you again for helping make our wedding day both special and memorable. When we first got in touch with each other you quickly sent over some questions about what we wanted and also some invaluable suggestions .We needed help to shape the ceremony and you inspired us with some lovely verses and possible declarations. Between us all we altered these to suit and make the marriage “ours”.

We treasure the words. The end result was beautiful – the words we spoke to each other loving and meaningful.  You put us at ease and guided us through a simple and amazing ceremony. Thank you!"

Rachel and Luke
Rachel and Luke Jackson:

"We enjoyed working with Rudy in our marriage process and found him to be very understanding of our needs in that we didn't want to have a traditional or religious wedding but wanted to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony based on our own personalities.

From our first meeting, he was both professional and easy going; he immediately made us feel at ease and gave us space to make it what we wanted by supporting us through suggestions, listening to feedback and giving us a range of options. In the end he was able to customize the ceremony for us to suit our style.

We were very happy with how everything went - from the initial communication, to receiving the final paperwork - Rudy was easy to work with and lessened the stress. We would highly recommend him to anybody that wants to mark their special occasion in a meaningful way."

Jules and Charles
Jules Blake & Charlie Flanagan:

"When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we have a very specific ceremony in mind, we knew various elements we wanted included however bringing it all together was the challenge. A mutual friend recommended Rudy as the right person to assist us. From the first meeting with Rudy, we knew he was exactly the right person to bring our dream to reality. He was so excited and passionate about helping us create something different, and brought his own suggestions to the table to assist with our dream ceremony.
It was a truly beautiful and perfect day, and all our family and friends who were there have said they have never been to such a beautiful and loving ceremony. What an honour to have such a beautiful person be our marriage officer, in fact on the day he didn’t seem like a marriage officer at all, he seemed like a close loving friend who was guiding us through a beautiful ceremony.

Love from Jules and Charlie."

Bernie and Richard
Bernie and Richard Gordon:

"Rudy was a wonderful support in preparing us for our wedding ceremony, and went out of his way afterwards as well to orientate us in knowing what to expect with the legalities and red tape associated with a change of life status. He conducted a warm and personal ceremony, with all his heart, and I would recommend him as a marriage officer to anyone to make their special day beautiful.

Thank you Rudy for everything you have done for us. We really appreciate it."


Al, Gaynor and Rudy
Al and Gaynor McVitty:

"Al and I knew that we needed someone really special to help capture the magic of our marriage. We have 6 children and 11 grandchildren between us and it was going to be a lovely family occasion. Rudy understood our feelings exactly. The day was spectacular, with so much deep meaning, with laughing, pathos, but with so much love. Thank you Rudy for sharing our day and making it exactly what we wanted.

Sending love, Al and Gaynor"


Tienie and Willie, Rudy and the Witnesses
Willie Fritz & Tienie Zeeman:

"We wanted a wedding ceremony that wasn't bound by traditional conventions but wasn't devoid of human warmth and symbolism either. In consultation with Rudy we were able to plan a ceremony that reflected the way we see the world and our feelings for each other. It was touching, warm and personal and Rudy made the whole process wonderfully smooth and painless. We recommend him unreservedly!"


Warren and Simone
Simone and Warren Bradley:

"Rudy was such a delight to work with for our wedding. From the start he made us feel comfortable and able to build the wedding around our needs for the day. He is such a supportive, loving individual and brings a passion to the ceremony that is contagious.  He was always readily available to meet up and discuss ideas and each meeting would evolve into a fun and interesting hangout with a fascinating individual.

The biggest aspect that drew us to him in the beginning was his desire to create an equal playing ground for all who are looking to get married and he certainly held true to that throughout our process. We would strongly recommend Rudy to anyone planning their wedding. He absolutely changed our view on what to expect from an officiant."


Cleo and Kelly with Rudy
Cleo and Kelly Mouton:

"Hi Rudy, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our blissfully happy hearts for the amazing ceremony. Our guests absolutely loved it and so did we. All the best to you. Eternally grateful and blessed to have our paths cross with yours. All our love, Cleo and Kelly."


Bastian and Dolly
Bastian and Dolly Heath:

"Thank you for everything you have done for Dolly and I.

You have changed our lives in more ways than one.

Not only did you help us to become a married couple but you gave us the confidence in ourselves to know that we are doing the right thing, because it is what we want, regardless of what other family members have to say.

You gave us the strength to reach out more and try and help more people and you have given me the strength to walk proudly for the man that I am.

Thank you.

Bastian (he/him/his)"


Charl and Jaco
Charl Hattingh and Jaco Van Straten:

"We had planned to have the ceremony and reception for family and friends after the pandemic but wanted to conclude the legal proceedings in the meantime. We were looking for someone to officiate just for the signing of the register and he was happy to do just that. However, in the run-up to the day, we realised that we did not want to let this big moment pass without some simple ritual and (non-religious) ceremony. It was quite a late decision but Rudy was ready with thoughtful suggestions that evolved into a simple but beautiful and meaningful ceremony with just Rudy, our two witnesses, and us, the grooms.

Rudy held space for the occasion professionally and with dignity, and at the same time with light-heartedness and humour. He was a calming presence and the ideal antidote to wedding nerves! We can wholeheartedly recommend him.

Kind regards,
Charl and Jaco"


Linda and James Veitch, Kate Clayton and Simon Whitesman, Paul Day and Maurita Weissenberg:

"Thank you so much for a really meaningful, wonderful ceremony.

If you had heard the words we used to describe you last night you would have been glowing with pleasure. You brought heart, humour, patience and lightness while still having just the right amount of formality and ritual too. The vows and the 7 Blessings are beautiful.