Coming of Age


I offer secular coming of age ceremonies. These services are not aligned with any religion. Their sole purpose is to enable young adults to celebrate a personal social and cultural milestone. Depending on the person's family and social settings, these services are conducted at various stages of adulthood.
In various cultures coming of age ceremonies are held when young adults reach puberty, 12 or 13. In South Africa, significant milestones are celebrated at 16, sometimes known as "sweet sixteen". This celebration is a remnant of the "coming out party" of old. At 18 some opt to celebrate the legal age of majority and, sometimes, matriculation and the end of secondary education. Others celebrate their 21st, which is generally seen as the ultimate age of 'adulthood'.
I am not an event manager or planner. Instead, I can shape a service, a ceremony, to celebrate a young adult's coming of age milestone.