Hi, I'm Rudy

I am designated by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) as a Marriage Officer in terms of the Civil Union Act, 2006. Registration number CU/209. I am registered under the South African Secular Society.

People struggle to find the right way to celebrate life events like births, coming of age, weddings, and funerals in a meaningful way.

I offer secular ceremonies, services, and rituals - cradle to grave - that put people and their life events at the centre. unencumbered by religious rules and expectations.

My Background

My professional background straddles many disciplines that, somehow, have one theme in common—rituals and ceremonies. I am a trained Theatre Director and Producer, and I hold a Master's degree in Adult Education, with a special focus on the way tacit and explicit artifacts are used in learning. I have been actively involved in various aspects of storytelling in the marketing creative and interactive industries for over 35 years.

I am passionate about rituals and behaviour in society, from the Greek oracles to Yoda, old archetypes to modern avatars, ancient mythology to Google trends, and from Imperial Rome to Silicon Valley.

I'd love to help you find and inject meaning and significance into your special event, cradle to grave, jubilation to sombreness, elation to grief.

Note that I am not offering event management and planning services. I will help you with all aspects of the service/ceremony - rituals, celebrations, readings, singing, and tradition-based meaningful acts of love you may choose to use, etc.