A secular wedding ceremony

I offer secular wedding ceremonies. This enables you to shape your wedding service according to your specific needs and wishes, it is uniquely yours. It offers a legal marriage/partnership to same sex/LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex) and opposite-sex couples.

At the moment I am helped by Gordon Oliver, former Mayor of Cape Town. Gordon is a licensed Marriage/Civil partnerships officer. When I meet you, the couple, to discuss the details of your wedding service, Gordon completes the legal requirements and your marriage is legally solemnised. I then conduct the service itself on your wedding day! [Read More...]


Baby Welcoming

I am offering Baby Welcoming, (Baby Naming, Baby Blessing etc.) ceremonies, in which biological or adoptive parents, family members, friends and the community welcome a child into the world. Secular baby welcoming events are seen as an alternative to traditional religious ceremonies.  [Read More...]

Celebration of Life

I am offering bereaved families, relatives and close friends secular funeral services and life-celebration services. The celebrations can be held soon after the funeral or at a later stage, for example, on the departed's birthday, or any other date of significance to them. These events have many names: a celebration of life, a memorial, a wake, a farewell, a sendoff, a free-for-all committal, etc. I can help with these.  [Read More...]

Other Services I offer:

The Renewal of Vows & Wedding Anniversaries ceremonies are appropriate for a couple celebrating a significant anniversary.

The Secular Coming of Age Ceremonies are not aligned to any religion. They aim to celebrate a young adult's social and cultural life-milestone.

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Note that I am not offering event management and planning services. I will help you with all aspects of the service/ceremony - rituals, celebrations, readings, singing, symbolic and meaningful acts of love that you may choose to use, etc.